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FREE Accord Access for UIA Members

UIA Member Agency Benefit: $299 - $2,500

Q: When will the access charges begin?

A: January 1, 2020.

Q: How much will you be charged for ACORD access if you are a member of UIA?

A: If you agency / agency group is under $50 million in annual revenue – your UIA membership will ensure you are not charged for access.


Q: If you are not a UIA member – what will be the cost to your agency?

A: For agencies under $1 million in annual revenue, 12 month access through the ACORD Advantage Plus program will be $299. The graduated scale has not been fully disclosed, but the range is between $299 and $2,500.

Charges will be based on annual agency revenue. Agencies with larger revenue will pay for access on an increasing and graduated scale.

Q: How will ACORD enforce the cost / licensing?

A: DIRECT ACCESS: If you access ACORD forms directly, you will be directed to sign up for an annual license when you attempt access on or after January 1.

A: AGENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: On or after January 1, when you attempt to access ACORD forms, your system should prompt you to the ACORD forms licensing website. Follow the prompts to register.

Q: If you are a UIA member – how do you claim your free access / license?

A: Agents using a management system will be directed to access the ACORD Forms License website and follow a very short process to claim their complimentary license.

They then return to the management system workflow, acknowledge that they have obtained the license, and return to accessing the needed ACORD forms. This process will be required annually.

A: Direct access agents will use the license registration website directly.


Please contact our office if you have any additional questions.


Matt Child