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Licensing Manuals

On behalf of Commissioner Todd E. Kiser

The Utah Insurance Department, in conjunction with Sircon, has arranged for Utah producers, adjusters, and CSRs to take advantage of a new web-based, personal compliance tool, called Sircon ProducerEDGESM. This service is brought to you at no additional charge.  


Obtaining your license


This section offers information about:
Applying for your license.
New procedures for printing a license.
License fees.
Continuing education.
After you pass your exam, complete and submit your application electronically via Sircon by using the kiosk located in the exam center and paying all fees with a credit card. Sircon will electronically forward your application and all fees to the Department. You can also later apply electronically from your home or office at Electronic application is the Department’s preferred filing method. It is faster and less costly to you.
Warning It is your responsibility to ensure that the application and any supporting documents have been properly completed and that the information is accurate. If you have ever been the subject of civil or criminal proceedings,
whether it be misdemeanor or felony, including disciplinary proceedings by an insurance department, you must disclose this information on the license application. Applications that are found to contain inaccurate or untruthful information may be denied.
If you are applying for an initial resident insurance license, you must provide fingerprints to permit the Department to obtain a criminal history record report. The “Fingerprinting process” section on Page 6 contains specific details about this process.
Important Your application and fee must be submitted within 90 days of passing your exam. After 90 days, the exam must be retaken in order for a license to be issued.
Paper applications. Paper applications are still accepted but will assessed a $25 pa
per application processing fee in addition to the normal Utah licensing fee.
The paper licensing process will take longer than the electronic method. To apply by paper, go to the Department’s Web site at A hard copy of the completed form can be printed out and submitted to the Department by mail, along with a personal check or money order for both the licensing fee and the application processing fee. Any cash payments must be made in person at the Department and in the exact amount.
Print you license. Effective October 1, 2008, the Utah Insurance Department no longer mails hard copies of new, renewal or duplicate licenses. You may print a hard copy yourself by going to and clicking on the link titled "Print Your License.” You may print your license as soon as it has been issued. To see if a new or renewal license has been approved and issued:
Go to and click on “Check license application status” or “Check license renewal status;”

Go to the Department's Web site at and click on the “Search for Company & Agent” link.
The cost to print your license is $5.50 per print paid with a credit card or $5 per print paid by e-check. However, if a new or renewal license was applied for online through Sircon, you may print as many copies as you want at no cost within the first 30 days of the approval and issuance of the license.
Obtaining an Appointment
After obtaining your license, you need an appointment with an insurer or a designation with an agency to conduct insurance transactions for an insurer. Contact your employing insurance company or agency organization in order to be properly appointed as its producer or designee.
Address or phone changes
Section 31A-23a-412 of the Utah Insurance Code requires all licensees to notify the Commissioner in writing of any change of address or phone number within 30 days. You may process your own changes electronically online at or at
If you are applying for a combination license, you still pay only one license fee.
Fees for new licenses are:
Category Fee
Producer license fee $77
Consultant license fee $77
Adjuster license fee $77
CSR, Bail, or Limited Lines license fee $52
Sircon electronic application service fee $12.50
Paper application processing fee $25
Fingerprint submission fee $19.25 FBI/$15.00 BCI
Prometric fingerprint processing fee $20 (must be paid prior to arriving at the test center)
License amendment fees
For additional lines of insurance, the license fee is $27. You must take and pass the applicable examination and submit a completed license application form indicating an amended license. For example, to add the Life and Accident and Health line of authority to your Property and Casualty license, you would need to take the required exam for Life, Accident and Health and pay a $27 transaction fee to add it to the license.
License renewals
New licenses issued on or after 8/11/08 and licenses scheduled to renew on or after 10/31/08 will convert to birth-month based renewal/expiration dates every two years for individual licenses. More detailed information is
available on the
Department’s Web site at